First. Assess your capabilities. First you need to allocate the amount of money, the loss of which will not lead to personal financial disaster. Investments in the Forex market are referred to as margin trading, or, as professionals call it, trading with leverage. This means that such investments are the most risky.
Second. Broker choice. Forex broker is needed to make transactions in the market. For a novice trader, when choosing the best forex broker () it is important to watch the videos on channel roboforex  and pay attention to some very specific factors, otherwise he may get a very bad experience with the trading platform without even really launching it.
Third. Determination of the tools with which it is planned to work. Studying news and analytics on the relevant topic. Even if an investor plans to use exclusively technical analysis in his trading, some fundamental events and actions can be disastrous for currencies. For example, changes in discount rates, central bank interventions, etc.